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How To Play Letteremix

Play a set of letter tiles to form as many words as you can.

Longer words score more points, and words within words, and overlapped words score, too.

A quick example

Suppose you start a level with these letters:


You could arrange them into STOREHM and earn points for the word STORE.

Or you could use every letter and arrange them into MOSTHER. You’d earn points for MOST, HE and HER.

Better yet, you could arrange them into MOTHERS. That earns points for the words MOTHERS, MOTHER, OTHER, OTHERS, THE, HE, HER, and HERS.

Score enough points in each level to earn at least one star to advance to the next level, or challenge yourself to earn 3 stars on every level!

Letteremix starts out pretty easy, but it gets progressively more challenging. Check out the Stats screen to see how your record compares to the global leaders.

As you advance through higher levels you’ll unlock many special features:

Special tiles like:

  • Metallic tiles that add extra points for every word you make with them
  • Tiles that add bonuses for words they start or end
  • Tiles that give you a bonus if you use the quickly
  • And many more surprise tiles

Powerups like:

  • Getting extra hints
  • Duplicating tiles
  • Turning regular tiles into special tiles
  • And many more surprise Powerups

Bonuses for accomplishments like:

  • Using every letter in at least one word
  • Outscoring 80% of players on any level
  • Scoring beyond the 3 star threshold
  • And more more achievements